sample – Autumn Sunset at Historic Kenmore 11″x14″ on canvas


Kenmore is one of the crown jewels of Fredericksburg. For more on it’s amazing history please click on the following link: Kenmore



This wonderful image of historic Kenmore was captured by local Photographer/Historian Chris Landon and is available on canvas only. (11×14).

“Built by George Washington’s sister, Betty Washington Lewis, and her husband, Fielding Lewis, this beautiful, Georgian-style, brick mansion reflects the pre-Revolutionary-War wealth and status of the Fredericksburg merchant.

During the Revolutionary War, Lewis loaned the state of Virginia money to build and support a gun factory in Fredericksburg. At the time of his death in 1781, he was still owed £7000, but it was never repaid. He also lost a great deal of money during the war because he was not able to carry on his mercantile business with England. However, his house still stands—with its elegant exterior and interior rooms adorned with colorful paint, wallpaper, and decorative plaster ceilings.”

For more on this classic and beautiful building please visit;


Autumn Sunset at Historic Kenmore


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